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The French Chef Omelette Pan line - Exclusively from Pot Shop of Boston

Our French Chef Omelette Pan line is professional quality. First created in 1962 with a design suggested by the renowned Julia Child, our pans have the kind of quality that will last a lifetime. All French Chef Omelette Pans are made of very thick cast aluminium, which allows the pan to be preheated to a very high temperature before tossing in the butter or olive oil for quick transfer of heat to the egg mixture, which then results in the perfect omelette – done in two minutes or less. With its wooden handle staying cool to the touch, the omeleteer is truly unencumbered! A 2009 article in Cook's Illustrated said this of our pan: "Well-constructed of thick, heavy-cast aluminium, which maintains consistent heat, the curving shape and gently sloped sides are ideal for omelets. Time and again it produced flawless omelets that were perfectly golden with a creamy center..." All French Chef Omelette Pans are made entirely in the USA.