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The French Chef Omelette Pan line - Exclusively from Pot Shop of Boston

Our French Chef Omelette Pan line is simply the best. This is a pan to last generations. First created in 1962 with a design suggested by Julia Child, our pans have passed the test of time with the kind of quality that will last a lifetime. All French Chef Omelette Pans are made of very thick cast aluminium. It is this massive amount of metal which allows the pan to be preheated to a very high temperature before tossing in the butter or olive oil for quick transfer of heat to the egg mixture, which then results in the perfect omelette – done in two minutes or less. With its wooden handle staying cool to the touch, the omeleteer is truly unencumbered! To make the best omelettes you'll want to properly season your pan before using (seasoning not needed for non-stick pans). Please follow our guide to do so, here.    A 2009 article in Cook's Illustrated said this of our pan: "Well-constructed of thick, heavy-cast aluminium, which maintains consistent heat, the curving shape and gently sloped sides are ideal for omelets. Time and again it produced flawless omelets that were perfectly golden with a creamy center..." All French Chef Omelette Pans are made entirely in the USA.